The first String Theory concert of the season was on Thursday 10/29. Here are some thoughts from STYI about the evening:

“Paul Watkins’s tone was ethereal and had a luminous aurora.” -Allen Liu

“I found that contrasts in the music coupled nicely with the changing colors of the sky.” -Joe Julian

“Truly inspiring.” -David Dunn

“I thought that the balance among the instruments in the Trio was perfect. It was evident what voice was meaning to be emphasized. Also, the performers’ emotion was very distinct and contagious.” -Harper Beeland

“I was amazed by the precision and unity of the second piece, especially. The musicians moved with their instruments as if they were showing the emotion and meaning behind the music. Sharp dynamic contrasts stunned the audience, and the power the musicians conserved and explosively released showed remarkable patience and focus. The cello and violin worked so closely together, even with the musicians gesturing at each other, and the piano brought the entire piece together. If the musicians had the view of the setting sun’s sky that the audience did, there’s no way they could have played as well as they did–the sky was magnificent, from the light clouds all the way to the city lights.” -Hope Newberry

“The way that Paul Watkins prepared to play the opening of the cello sonata was remarkable. In modern life we are rushing from one activity to another often without any transition or downtime in between. The way in which he adjusted his chair, end pin, and stretched out his bow arm so he was comfortable before those first glorious notes was transporting. I felt all my own worry and things “outside” fall away and what became present was the music.” -Bryony Stroud-Watson

“The stark contrast between dynamics allows the audience to vividly imagine the story that the music tells.” -Briana Brady