Mary Black, Co-Chair

Mary Black, a current senior at Center for Creative Arts, has been playing the violin for six years. and is currently assistant concertmaster of her school orchestra. She has been a part of the Chattanooga Symphony Youth orchestra since 2012, and a part of STYI for three seasons, serving as secretary for two. Mary is hoping that this year, she will be able to get out into the community more, and help bring more music to the people of Chattanooga. Though she spends most of her time dedicated to her music, she has a very big love for cats. If she could have a conversation with any musician it would most definitely be the composer Sergei Rachmaninoff. She would love to ask him the story behind some of his works, more specifically his symphony No.2. The third movement sounds like a beautiful love song, which makes her wonder where he got the inspiration to write it. She absolutely loves the way he orchestrates his pieces and would love to be able to ask about his thought process and how he composed such amazing works. In college, Mary hopes to study music performance or Music education with a possible minor in composition.