Darya Bajestani

Darya Bajestani is a sophomore at Baylor and is greatly involved with Band. She plays piano, clarinet, and flute as main instruments, but can play a variety of woodwinds if needed to. She has served on Honor Council in 8th grade, as well as won a multitude of awards participating in the Chattanooga Music Teachers Association piano competition, consistently earning a superior award in the five years she participated. This year in STYI, Darya hopes to accomplish a more sense of involvement of the musical community in Chattanooga, and especially expand on programs and master classes involving high school band students. Outside of music, Darya enjoys art, especially historical art, as well as reading and analyzing classic novels. If she could describe the personality of her main instruments, Darya would describe the clarinet as an instrument with a sly and witty characterization, the piano as a dependable, solid, amiable, and trustworthy instrument, and the flute as a flighty, elegant, and delicate instrument.