On Thursday, March 30, from 7-8 PM, in an event open to the public at the downtown public library, STYI will host an experimental musical collaboration with the Lake Champlain Chamber Music Festival over LoLa, or LOw LAtency Audio Visual Streaming System.

I grew up backstage at the Philadelphia Orchestra, where my father plays bass trombone. I have been going to concerts for as long as I can remember, and even from a young age, the concert experience felt ritualized and stale to me; the relationship between the audience and the performers felt separated and cold, if present at all. As technology was becoming ever more pervasive throughout my adolescence, I began to wonder if there was a way to engage audiences using a more stimulating set of tools better suited for our hyper-connected present. – Robyn Bollinger

LoLa, or LOw LAtency Audio Visual Streaming System, allows for a novel collaborations that may revitalize live performance in the digital era. The technology allows for video calls with minimal delay and thus allows performers far away to collaborate. See LoLa in action:

Chattanooga’s first LoLa collaboration happened 2012 and the library’s first success was in March 2016.

The Event


STYI’s event on March 30 will begin with a conversation between STYI and Essex High students from the Lake Champlain Chamber Music Festival over LoLa about the local music festivals in Chattanooga and Burlington. This conversation will be followed by a rehearsal and performance of Mozart’s Divertimento in D Major by LCCMF Essex High young musicians and several music students from Chattanooga. On our side, STYI members Brandon McGrath, and Allen Liu, local music students Alisa Pickett, Abigail Martin, Elodie Manalo, and Aron Manalo, violinist and STYI coordinator Bryony Stroud-Watson, and our featured guest, violinist Robyn Bollinger will be performing with the students.

After the orchestral performance, there will be roundtable discussion between both sides about why classical music is important and how to be arts advocates in each group’s respective community.

A Duet Performance Over LoLa

The evening will conclude with a performance of the Handel-Halvorsen Passacaglia by Robyn Bollinger, performing in Chattanooga, and cellist Emily Taubl, performing in Burlington.