On Friday, March 31, STYI will be hosting Robyn Bollinger’s presentation of her project Ciaccona: The Bass of Time in a concert at the Evans Center at GPS. This performance will be the culmination of a week of outreach, workshops, and innovative experiments with music and technology, all led by Robyn Bollinger.

“‘CIACCONA: The Bass of Time’ is a concert designed to stimulate audiences intellectually and engage listeners on a deeply emotional level. Incorporating multi-media historical presentations and live personal narratives with musical performance, “CIACCONA” tells the story of one of the oldest musical ideas, the repeating bass line, through solo violin music. The program delves into questions of the meaning of art, the purpose of expression, and the motivations of four remarkable composers from Baroque to today: Biber, Bach, Bartók, and Berio, while simultaneously exploring the personal questions and beliefs of the program creator and performer – myself.” – Robyn Bollinger.

Robyn speaks about her motivation for developing this project:

“I have been going to concerts for as long as I can remember, and even from a young age, the concert experience felt ritualized and stale to me; the relationship between the audience and the performers felt separated and cold, if present at all. As technology was becoming ever more pervasive throughout my adolescence, I began to wonder if there was a way to engage audiences using a more stimulating set of tools better suited for our hyper-connected present.” – Robyn Bollinger

Robyn united the ideas of revitalizing concerts for the digital age and the virtue in Paganini’s music in her first multimedia project: “Project Paganini”. “Project Paganini” was a success, and thus, Robyn began a second multimedia-performance project, “Ciaccona: The Bass of Time” to tell the story of Bach’s Ciaccona for solo violin. In 2016, Robyn Bollinger was named one the nine recipients of a two-year Arts Fellowship from the Leonore Anneberg Fellowship Fund and was given this award to develop professional-quality videos of the Ciaccona project.

Robyn Bollinger’s presentation of Ciaccona: The Bass of Time will take place at the Evans Center at GPS from 6:30-8:30 PM on Friday, March 31, 2017. Learn more about her project and its inception here.