Anyone interested in applying to String Theory Youth Initiative may submit this form or print out and mail the application to Southside Studio at

Southside Studio
1431 Market St. Suite 1
Chattanooga TN 37402

Be sure to have a teacher email your letter of recommendation to the same address or email it to by the application deadline MAY 1, 2017

Throughout the school year, students can expect two meetings a month, six Tuesday night String Theory concerts, and other events such as outreach projects, backstage passes, participation in the annual family concert, and STYI residency. A more detailed schedule will be released at the beginning of the concert season. STYI operates as a team and the more involved each member is, the more successful the group will b

String Theory Concerts: 5:45-8pm
September 19, October 17, December 12th, 2017 January 20- Family Concert 1-3pm, January 23, March 8 and May 1,2018

Application for Admission 2017-2018

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Please have a music teacher, teacher, or principal who knows you best write a letter that convinces us of your potential to contribute to STYI. Have this person email the letter to by May 1st.